Photography Group

9.30am, Tuesday 5th February

Balwyn Baptist Church, 517 Whitehorse Road Balwyn (Melway 46 F8)

Over the holiday period, Eric Berzkalns came up with some interesting subject matter which he will present at this and subsequent meetings, where our members can also take part and present for discussion.  Eric has also highlighted that he is interested in the Group producing 2-3 minute movies.  The ever-expanding growth of  social media vehicles such as Instagram,  which adapt and use this type of photography, suggests it is a regularly used medium and needs to be understood.

I also suggest we devote some time to returning to the basics of photography. For example, revising how we take our photographs and how we can improve them. It is so easy to delete, delete. 
Are we using the best rules of composition? Are we being alert to backgrounds, shadows etc.?  In seeking subject matter for our meetings, I started to look up photo-taking related information on YouTube and there is an amazing amount of interesting and useful information available on the Internet. There is much more to discuss, e.g., photo manipulation, Cloud services and how to set up one’s camera/phone for the best results. 

It would also be useful to seek out interesting places for photograph shoots and members are requested to suggest suitable venues for such outings.




Members of the Photography Group meet on the first Tuesday of each month (except Melbourne Cup Day) at the Balwyn Baptist Church to develop their creative skills related to the taking, enhancement, storage and presentation of photographs.

At each meeting, members are invited to bring along photographs and other photographic memorabilia for a “show and tell” session, which is usually followed by a presentation on a photography-related topic, e.g, creating photo books, converting 35mm slides to digital images, portrait photography, etc.

The Group also visits various places around Melbourne for photo “shoots” and recent “shoots” have been at the Royal Botanical Gardens,  Rippon Lea and the National Gallery of Victoria.

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