Technology Group

9.30am, Wednesday October 3rd

Balwyn Baptist Church, 517 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn (Melway 46 F8)

At our last meeting, after our open forum, Keith Lewis spoke about the ongoing developments in the manufacture of electrically powered cars, including the use of electrical components in Renault and Mercedes F1 cars.

In October, we will start with our usual discussion of members’ problems and points of interest about all things Microsoft and Android. After morning tea, John Hogan and Paul Flanagan will return to a discussion about Google Drive, Google Photos and their integration with windows PCs, Android tablets and phones.




Members  meet  on the first Wednesday of each month at the Balwyn Baptist Church for informal and hands-on discussions about technological developments. The Group formed in 2010 and tries to keep up with the rapid change in what happens around us. Group presentations  cover solar power, smart meters, LED lighting, Social Networking, Internet frauds and scams, Windows upgrades and On-line purchasing. We even go outside to look at Drones!

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