Travel & Holiday Group


9.30am, Thursday Thursday October 25th and Thursday November 29th

Balwyn Baptist Church, 517 Whitehorse Road Balwyn (Melway 46 F8)

We started the session of by asking members what attire they wore on a long flight ( about 8 hours ) , we all agreed loose fitting clothing , but not denim jeans , also if you take off your shoes for comfort, make sure if there is any turbulence they remain by your seat , one member found out this the hard way, turbulence had transformed them into walking shoes. The next session was you are traveling to the uk , you want to have a stopover in either Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Bahrain to break up the journey , they are all close to each other ,so weather is not an issue , time beat us again , we watched YouTube videos on the first 2 , both had their good points  ,but we felt Dubai with a lot more tourist attractions was the one to visit , I am sure we will get to show you Brahan   in the future. Next month, the last one of the year we have John Finlay showing us around Singapore ,London ,Paris ,Amsterdam and Budapest

All members, partners and friends are always most welcome to join us.



The aim of this group is to help each other plan and get the best deals for our holidays, whether they be domestic or international.  Members of the Group have a wealth of experience regarding travel and holidays and are prepared to help each other to enjoy their holiday.

Members also present photos and videos of places they have visited.

JOIN US. All members, partners and friends are very welcome!


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