The Club has 16 Special Interest Groups which offer members a wide variety of activities. New members, partners, friends and guests are always welcome to participate in any of the activities. For detailed information about a Groups’ upcoming activities, please click on the name of the Group in which you are interested.

For detailed information about a Groups’ upcoming activities, please click on the name of the Group in which you are interested.

Bus Day Trips (Club Outings)

  • Twice a year, enjoy day-long bus trips to places of interest within Victoria.
  • Enjoy local outings, reachable either by public transport or “self-drive”.
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Discovery Group

  • Travel in a group on 2 or 3 trips each year.
  • Stay for 3-5 days in caravan park cabins or motels at locations around southern Australia.
  • Visit local interest spots and sights.
  • There is always plenty of time to share views in a social atmosphere enjoying each other’s company.
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Family History Group

  • Examine current genealogical research.
  • Listen to guest speakers at “Home” meetings.
  • Every second month, visit an historical society, library, or museum.
  • Tell us about your family history; we’d love to hear the tale.
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Investment Group

  • Gain insights and discuss share selections in a virtual portfolio game.
  • Explore current economic topics and financial opportunities for our members.
  • Both novice and experienced investors are always welcome.
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Movie Group

  • Enjoy watching a good movie in a comfortable theatre.
  • We have booked the 11.00am session on the last Friday of the month at Balwyn’s Palace Cinema  – cost $7.00.
  • A lunch of sandwiches, cakes and coffee is available after the movie at a cost of $11.00.
  • Please note: Bookings for the movie and lunch must be made in advance.
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Music Group

  • Play an instrument? Matter’s not.
  • Learn to play simple musical instruments.
  • Listen to, and enjoy different musical genres.
  • Discuss musical themes.
  • Help select the songs to be sung at the Club’s mid-year and end-of-year lunches.
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Pads, Phones, Pods Group

  • Learn how to realise the potential from your iPad, iPhone or Mac laptop.
  • Raise questions on issues, or demonstrate your favourite Apple apps.
  • New subject matter from the Apple world is regularly introduced and discussed at each meeting.
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Painting Group

  • Enhance your painting skills.
  • Newcomers with little or no experience are tutored and encouraged to expand their latent skills.
  • Each year, the Group hosts its annual Art Show in December.
  • The Group meets weekly in a social atmosphere at the Balwyn Community Centre.
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Photography Group

  • Time to take more pictures.
  • Develop your creative skills in the taking, enhancement, storage and presentation of photographs.
  • Regular photo “shoots” take place in day and night locations within easy driving distance of Balwyn.
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Travel & Holiday Group

  • Share experiences, recommendations and advice on holiday destinations, (domestic and international), fares and important travel information.
  • Been somewhere exciting? Tell us about the location and what you enjoyed.
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Ukulele Group

  • Ever wondered what it would be like to play a ukulele?
  • Come along and have a go!
  • Beginners are most welcome.
  • Instruments are provided for you to try.
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Walking Group

  • Enjoy the outdoor experience of easy 5-6 km walks along Melbourne’s trails and streets.
  • Discuss points of interest with fellow walkers.
  • End the walk with a social lunch at a convenient eatery.
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Wine Appreciation Group

  • Good fellowship is like good wine; the longer you care for it the better it is.
  • Come and join us for interesting and convivial discussions, together with visits to great wineries.
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“Woodies” (Woodworking & Home Maintenance) Group

  • Discuss home maintenance projects and issues and exchange ideas.
  • Every second month, explore a manufacturing enterprise, engineering workshop, car restorer or boat yard.
  • Want to see how something is made or refurbished? This is the Group for you!
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Writing for Pleasure Group

  • Develop your creative writing skills by writing about a topic of your choice.
  • It can be prose or poetry.
  • Discuss writing styles, people’s approaches and techniques used.
  • The Group meets at the Balwyn Community Centre.
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