Discussion Group

9.30am for 9.45am, Wednesday 17th July

Balwyn Baptist Church, 517 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn (Melway 46 F8)


The subject at our June meeting was Crime and Punishment.

For ease of discussion, we divided the session into three subjects – catching criminals, sentencing, and jail. We agreed that catching the criminals requires more police, additional lab staff for quicker forensic results, e.g., DNA tests, and more trained personnel who are able to use the latest technical equipment. We questioned whether we should make more use of night courts for minor offences and when the plea is guilty. It costs just under $300 a day to keep someone in jail; maybe earlier parole for non-violent crimes should be considered, although the victim needs to be considered in such instances.

July’s subject will be Games. What computer games do you play? What are your favourites and why? Also, Eric Berzkalns will be bringing skate boards and pogo sticks to the meeting.  The mind boggles!!!

All members, partners and friends are welcome to come along to what promises to be an entertaining morning.




The Group meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  

Members and friends exchange ideas and new thoughts about a wide range of subjects, which are selected by Group members. One of the members volunteers to research and lead each discussion.

The topics discussed since the Group was established in 2010 include Food, Music, Transport, Population, Immigration, Poverty, Crime and Punishment, Global Warming, Democracy, Nuclear Power, Man’s Greatest Achievements, Humour, Surviving the Next Ten Years, and The Olympics.

The Group has also held three very well-attended discussions related to men’s health.


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