Discussion Group

9.30am for 9.45am, Wednesday 15th May

Balwyn Baptist Church, 517 Whitehorse Road, Balwyn (Melway 46 F8)


The subject at our April meeting was Misrepresentation of Information.  The misrepresentation may be an out-and-out lie designed to deceive or trick you into buying or doing something you would not normally do, or it may be a little white lie, perhaps to spare your feelings. We also discussed the laws that are in place to protect us from advertising misrepresentation, and questioned how much faith we have in our news sources nowadays.

Next month’s subject will be Magic. We will be showing videos of some famous tricks/illusions, and then seeing if we can work out how they did it.

Come along and join in the challenge.



The Group meets on the third Wednesday of each month.  

Members and friends exchange ideas and new thoughts about a wide range of subjects, which are selected by Group members. One of the members volunteers to research and lead each discussion.

The topics discussed since the Group was established in 2010 include Food, Music, Transport, Population, Immigration, Poverty, Crime and Punishment, Global Warming, Democracy, Nuclear Power, Man’s Greatest Achievements, Humour, Surviving the Next Ten Years, and The Olympics.

The Group has also held three very well-attended discussions related to men’s health.


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