Wine Appreciation Group

9.00am, Friday, 19th July

369 High Street, Kew (Melway 45 D5)


Our video trip to the French wine regions was very informative. However, I was disappointed that only nine members made the effort to come, because it was a good meeting. Hopefully, our next activity will have a better turn up. We were able to see three regions of the French wine-growing industry. The first was the Rhone Valley, where they produce chardonnay and pinot noir, then to Nîmes, where grenache and cabernet are the main varieties, and finally to Strasbourg and the Champagne region, where we were given a good explanation of the types of grape and the method used to produce the range of finished champagnes from extra brut to demi-sec.

All members, partners and friends are welcome to come along for what promises to be a very “tasty” morning.





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