If you have a caravan, why not come and join us for a trip away. 

Camping is for the young at heart but may be too hard for some of our generation.  We don’t do camping anymore. We GLAMP instead, in cabins. 

Glamping is Glamorous Camping.  

In Australia, glamping is combining sleeping under the stars, with modern conveniences.  Enjoy bathrooms, comfortable bedding, and deck areas on your outing. 

For those that can’t make it, join us anyway for a live ZOOM broadcast from our destination. We explore the park, beach, bush or cafes and talk with fellow “Glampers”.  

Break that stay-at-home habit. Write it in your dairy now: ‘Must get out for the next trip’.

If you like what you see on our Zoom previews, get away to that place at any time yourself. Most parks have cabins available mid-week at cheaper rates. So, if you don’t have a  caravan and want to get away for a short trip, come and join us. 

We have tips and tips for comfortable getaways at regular meet-ups. 

Want to see the places we have visited?  Scan the QR code below.

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